Temporary Placements

Simply, we can cater for temporary assignments whereby you are charged on an hourly basis for the work done
by the candidate. This rate includes what the candidate is paid, as well as company National Insurance and WTD
(Working Time Directive, Holiday Pay) then we put our service fee on top.

Permanent Placements

Permanent Candidates you can recruit by two different methods.

One method is Temp to Perm. This is a good way of making sure that your candidate is the right one over a period of time and it spreads the cost. It is the same as a temporary assignment, but they work through us for 12 weeks and at the end of this period they move on to your books. If they are not working out then you can finish their assignment and the charges stop as well, and we will find someone to complete this time.

The other method if you want to take someone on straight away on to your pay role is permanent transfer, where you are charged a percentage of their annual salary. And then you have a 12 week reducing rebate scheme whereby if the candidate leaves or dismissed within 12 weeks you are entitled to a percentage back of the charge.

Unique 4 week trial

This is our  innovative recruitment solution (mix of the temporary and permanent placements) which has been very well received by our clients. Namely, instead of paying us the hourly charges (temporary placement) you can have our candidate/s on a 4 week trial for free and if successful pay us a fee (permanent placement).

If the employment terminates before the expiry of 12 weeks from the commencement  of the employment we will find a replacement for free or the fee will be refunded in accordance with the Scale of Refund set out below.

Scale of Refund

Week in which the Applicant leaves % of introduction fee refunded
1 - 2 100%
3 - 4 100%
5 - 6 80%
7 - 8 60%
9 - 10 30%
11 - 12 15%