About us

Who we are and what we do?

Established in 2005, Brasco Recruitment Ltd. is an employment agency
and international recruitment consultancy with offices in the UK and Poland.

Many industries in Europe are experiencing skills shortages. Employers are increasingly seeking innovative recruitment solutions to address this issue. Brasco Recruitment Ltd. specialises in the recruitment of Polish staff for the engineering, construction, oil & gas and IT industries.

In the last few years Polish citizens became highly respected workers in the European labour market. More and more employers employ preferably Polish workers who have motivation to work, high qualifications and relatively low costs of work which make them more and more attractive for the employers. Due to much higher pay levels in the UK and other EU countries we are able to attract Polish candidates . As a result our clients have been able to employ highly skilled Polish workers at competitive rates and have achieved significant productivity gains and cost savings.

Why we are different?

We continually embrace new technologies and seek out innovative solutions to optimise our recruitment campaigns for the best results. In 2008 we launched an online recruitment website www.jobexplorer.pl – an excellence tool ensuring the attaction of thousands of highly motivated, qualified and experienced workers.

We also offer a unique 4 week trial recruitment method which provides our clients with an opportunity to verify the candidate’s performance in practice for free. To learn more please visit the „services” section of this website.

Our passion for continuous improvement and collaboration, combined with our high standards and experience, makes us a recruitment company that can adapt around the specific needs of very different clients.

Our mission

Our aim is to develop open and honest partnerships with both our clients and candidates. By building trust and understanding of your requirements we can ensure that we deliver a quality service that consistently exceeds your expectations time after time. Whether you're an Employer or a Recruitment Agency we have services to suit your every requirement – simply talk to us about your recruitment needs.